When customers come to us, they usually ask for prices per email or by phone. This is relatively time consuming and inefficient as we need to enter this information manually into our system. On the other hand a phone conversation is a moment of interaction. In fact it is a rare moment of interaction in which we can hear and feel what a customer needs and a chance to work on our personal relationships. Does the inefficiency of making notes of our customers needs outweigh the opportunity to build a real relationship?

One of our customers suggested we should send prices to them in a different format so they can upload it into their system and use our prices for their quotes. This would be a great way to become part of our customers process much earlier in our sales cycle. Providing prices in an early stage, rather than offers and quotes in a latter stage, will increases our chances to sell, the customer promised.

We think it is worth investigating this and the previous question.

In short : How we can make our customers receive and use our prices whenever they need it, as easily, fast and efficiently as possible, using a scalable and easy to manage process, while creating moments of personal contact?

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